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V6XD-G with NVIDIA Tesla GPU (3)

September 11, 2017


Adding the GPU (in this case NVIDIA Tesla P4) to the V6XD compute node.


Below you can see the build up as the GPU is added.


A new key part to ensure full performance and safe operation is the new custom PCIe riser, designed and manufactured by Tranquil PC - learn more about Tranquil PC electronics




Assembly of the GPU to the V6XD-G Xeon Compute node



1) - The uniquely cooled Xeon CPU in the V6XD is located under the special pin fin heat sink to the centre of the mother board.



Note you can see the new PCIe riser to the left of the main board.  
Even though an additional 75W per node is added with the extra Tesla P4 card, all system components remain cool - and the completed system remains quiet.







2) - The upper tray is then added in place, as seen in the picture to the right.


The V6XD and V6XD+ cluster servers provide support for 1x NVMe drive + 4x 2.5" drives.  As you can see in the picture, the V6XD-G drops 2x 2.5" drives to make way for the PCIe card. 









3) - The selected GPU card can then be added to the compute node.


At present only selected, approved, low profile cards can be used, and Tranquil PC supplies custom mount brackets, which replace the usual PCIe chassis plates found on the PCIe cards.


The GPU enabled Xeon compute nodes can now be installed to the V6XD-G system.




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