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The Northern Powerhouse

September 4, 2017


Manchester (UK) has 'manufacturing and innovation' DNA in it's profile.  

Over the coming years, we hope to see the growth and increase in the manufacturing sector in the area, affectionately known as the 'Northern Powerhouse'.   The popular 'bee' icon symbolises the busyness and industrious nature of the Manchester and surrounding area people.


Tranquil is proud that our products are 'Made in Manchester', and have been since the inception of the company.


Did you know - Trafford Park in Stretford, Manchester (outside the city boundaries) was the world's first industrial estate and still exists today - yes, that's were we are based...


Some amazing history..


Manchester remained a small market town until the late 18th century, and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.


The Spinning Jenny in 1764 marked the beginning of the Industrial Revolution bringing with it the first fully mechanised production process. Although some sources define the start of the Industrial Revolution as July 1761, when the Duke of Bridgewater's canal reached Castlefield.


The myriad small valleys in the Pennine Hills to the north and east of the town, combined with the damp climate, proved ideal for the construction of water-powered cotton mills such as Quarry Bank Mill, which industrialised the spinning and weaving of cloth.
Indeed, it was the importing of cotton, which began towards the end of the 18th century, that revolutionised the textile industry in the area. This new commodity was imported through the port of Liverpool, which was connected with Manchester by the Mersey and Irwell Navigation - the two rivers had been made navigable from the 1720s onwards.


In 1830, Manchester was again at the forefront of transport technology with the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, the world's first steam passenger railway. This provided faster transport of raw materials and finished goods between the port of Liverpool and mills of Manchester.

The city had one of the first telephone exchanges in Europe (possibly the first in the UK) when in 1879 one was opened on Faulkner Street in the city centre using the Bell patent system.


Of course, the material of tomorrow, Graphene, was also discovered here...


Quite a history...


(Made in Manchester logo, courtesy of k-type (www.k-type.com)





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