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V6XD-G with NVIDIA Tesla GPU (2)

September 4, 2017

A tight squeeze


The V6XD is already a compactly arranged micro cluster server.  In the custom cabinet that is small enough to fit in a 'airline cabin approved sized case' shown below....

...there is:

  • 1x Slide in Master node (0), with Intel i5 vPro CPU *

  • 4x Slide in Intel Xeon Compute nodes (1-4)**

  • 1x 24 port GbE Managed switch incl WiFi

  • 1x 750W High Reliability PSU

*   1x M.2 SSD - 1x 2.5" SSD - 32GB RAM - TPM


** 1x NVMe M.2 SSD - 4x 2.5" SSD - 128GB RAM - TPM (on V6XD)

** 1x NVMe M.2 SSD - 2x 2.5" SSD - 128GB RAM - TPM (on V6XD-G)


The new V6XD-G version (above) is specially engineering to provide an additional low profile PCIe card on each of the Xeon Compute nodes.  These cards can support up to 75W each.


Tranquil engineers not only changed the upper tray of the compute nodes, but also re-aligned the cooling fans, so that a higher percentage of cool air was directed over the GPU zone.  A specially designed 'air duct' completes the cooling system, ensuring even the most powerful, passive Tesla P4 card remains relatively cool under full load.  An upgraded power wiring harness has also been designed to carry the extra power to the GPU enabled nodes.


The new V6XD-G Compute node, with NVIDIA Tesla P4 Server AI, Deep Leaning optimised GPU - tested and deployed and ready...


In the next post, we'll share just how we did it!







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